Why My Linksys Extender Won’t Stop Blinking Green?

    If the Power light on your Linksys extender won’t stop blinking green, then there can be three scenarios:

    • First, your WiFi extender is booting.
    • Your extender is trying to get restored to the default factory mode.
    • The firmware update process of the Linksys extender is in progress.

    But, as soon as the aforementioned processes are completed, the Power LED is supposed to turn solid green which suggests that your extender is ready to use. But, what if your Linksys extender won’t stop blinking green? Well, that can be a matter of concern. In that case, you’re required to get the above-mentioned processes redone. The only reason behind the blinking green light ont your range extender is the incompletion of booting, Linksys WiFi extender reset, and the firmware update process. Perhaps, you missed an important step. What is that step? Let’s discuss this in detail.


    Resolved: Linksys Extender Won’t Stop Blinking Green

    1. Let the Extender Boot Properly

    The moment you power up your range extender, you are required to wait for some time till the Power LED settles down. But, it seems that you are impatient. Therefore, wait for some time and see if the LED turns solid. In case it doesn’t, then you’ve two options in hand:

    • First, reboot your range extender by disconnecting it from the power source and reconnecting it after some time. It will help your WiFi device get rid of technical glitches.
    • Second, check the power socket supplying electricity to your extender. There are times when the Linksys extender won’t stop blinking green due to the improper supply of power. The socket supplying electricity to your extender must be well working.


    1. Update the Firmware Correctly

    There is a possibility that you interrupted the firmware update process due to which the Power LED on the range extender is not settling down. Moreover, you might have uploaded the incorrect firmware file on your extender due to which the process does not get completed and the extender keeps blinking green. Whatever it is, the steps given below will make you aware of the correct process of installing the latest firmware version on the range extender so that you can fix the problem:

    • Ensure that your range extender is sharing a stable connection with the router.
    • Load an internet browser on your PC and download the extender’s firmware file.
    • The firmware file is supposed to be according to the model number of your device.
    • Once downloaded, save the file at the most convenient location.
    • After that, open a new tab and visit extender.linksys.com.
    • As soon as you’re prompted to enter the extender’s details, fill them in and proceed.
    • You will reach the dashboard of your range extender.
    • Select Management > Firmware Update.
    • The firmware file needs to be uploaded to the next window.
    • So, find it and upload it.
    • Wait for a few moments and let the extender get updated.
    1. Perform Factory Reset Completely

    As mentioned earlier that the Linksys extender won’t stop blinking green if the factory reset process is going on. But, there are chances that you skipped a step due to which the process is not getting completed. What that might be? Walk through the instructions mentioned below to learn how to reset the extender properly:

    • Be sure about the stability of power being supplied to your range extender.
    • Disconnect the extender from the router and other networking gadgets.
    • Now, you need to locate the Reset button located on the extender’s hardware.
    • Found it? Great! Press it carefully now.
    • Within a few moments, your Linksys range extender will reset.

    In case you do not want to hard reset your Linksys extender, then you can also perform Linksys extender login and reset it via the dashboard. The instructions to carry out the soft reset of your extender can be found in the user manual.


    Final Words

    The Linksys extender won’t stop blinking green issue will get off your back if you know the correct steps to carry out the firmware update and reset process. The reason being, the power supply is a basic requirement for the extender’s functioning and you need to fulfill it at all costs. Besides, if you want your extender to perform well every time, consider keeping it in a zero interference zone and close to the host router. Thanks for reading the article!

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