Portable Document Scanners

    The definition of ‘work’ has greatly revolutionized. Modern working individuals are required to adapt to these changes and stay productive at all times. With the changing work environment, work tools have also changed and it has become a necessity more than a luxury to adapt to these changing requirements. Portable document scanners are a result of modern technology and it allows people to digitize and scan important work documents even when they are on the go. These have been intuitively designed to meet the pressing nature of work at the present day. A reliable and highly functional portable scanner would come with ease of connectivity and can scan a variety of documents seamlessly. Let’s talk about a few benefits of using a portable document scanner.

    • Wireless connection– Suppose you are traveling or you are on the go, the very thought of carrying your printer with a never-ending amount of wires is pretty daunting.  But with a portable document scanner, you can instantly connect to an internet connection and perform your printing or scanning work in a matter of minutes.

    An apt example is the Canon imageFORMULA P-215II portable scanner that delivers high-performance results in black and white and color 600dpi for great scans on the go.

    • Wide variety of documents- This powerhouse device has completely revolutionized document scanning jobs in innumerable ways. Going back to history, conventional document scanners were capable of handling only a limited amount of paperwork. But modern-day document scanners can easily process various numbers of documents. A high-performing portable scanner will seamlessly allow you to scan books, photos, 3D projects, and more. These portable document scanners are a definite boon to the creative industry and are compatible with a number of media.
    • Quicker scanning- Since a portable document scanner is dedicated to carrying out only one task, it can quickly start up and perform its assigned tasks in a jiffy. If you want to print a number of pictures and documents in one go, a faster scanner would be super beneficial for you. Especially helpful for the fast-paced and dynamic work environment, this further saves time and reduces the hassle of tedious scanning tasks.
    • Creates PDFs with ease- The conventional document scanner could only produce documents in a limited format like JPGs, PNGs, and more. This often makes it cumbersome to create any edits or changes to the document. But the modern portable scanners available in the market allow users to instantly convert files into PDF, JPG, and more so.

    If you are looking for a portable and functional document scanner, then the Canon imageFORMULA P-208II is an apt choice. It comes with an Automatic Document Feeder and Duplex scanning support, ideal for easing your scanning requirements.

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