The season for marathons and local races usually takes place around the last moments of winter. So, it is
    only justified for you to look for marathon running shoes at this time of the year. However, picking up a
    sports shoe suitable for marathons and races requires much insight and knowledge of shoe technologies.

    Running shoes are specifically designed to support the wearer’s foot positioning and body posture and
    prevent them from succumbing to unnecessary injuries. Every professional runner should be concerned
    about injuries and damage to their feet. This is why sports shoes have an integral role in the metric.

    The best running shoes brand in India are the ones that have multiple sports shoe layouts for different
    individuals. This leaves space for athletes to acquire a shoe that uniquely fits their bodily requirements.
    Running is a highly physical task requiring specific gear to excel and protect oneself from getting injured

    The ultimate choice for a running shoe can only be determined through research and testing. Certain
    factors affect your purchasing style, and we will be talking about them in a while. But before, you must
    understand that athletic shoes are concerned about syncing the body functionality with the shoe
    mechanism. So, it is better to test it first instead of going for looks.

    The Consideration Of The Running Surface

    You cannot search for the best running shoes for men or women without considering the running
    surface. The running surface is the crux of your shoe’s performance. Every shoe has its specialty, and one
    cannot be suited for all terrain. Thus, the runner needs to choose a shoe specifically designed for the
    tracks they are about to embark on.

    Concrete or pitch racing tracks are the hardest, requiring shoes that can navigate the impact. While grass
    and muddy tracks are mostly soft, you need a grip to navigate the terrain standing on your two feet.

    Strategic Cushion Positioning

    Most sports shoes will come with cushioning, but the best running shoes for men in India will have
    them strategically placed. A sports shoe can have numerous cushion positions inside the tough exterior.

    Some of them come with ankle cushioning, while others have angular cushioning. Some have a gel pad
    installed within the shoe to comfort the bottom of the foot.

    The Soles Of The Shoe

    A sports shoe essentially has three soles. The upper sole always stays in contact with the feet, and it
    must have a comfortable surface feeling. The mid-sole is the part that ensures flexibility to the feet. Most
    of the feet’ injuries occur due to either the rigidity of the mid-sole or its excessive flexibility. It must be
    moderated. Lastly, the lower sole is positioned at the bottom, which interacts with the grip.

    Outer Material & Inclusion Of Grip

    The best running shoes for women pay close attention to the shoe’s grip. The outer sole is mostly made
    of sturdy material, and the grip patterns are engraved on it. These grip patterns are strategically placed
    like cushioning to allow special support during the race and to keep balance on the track. Sports shoes
    for concrete tracks also have a basic grip mechanism for athletes’ confidence when running.

    The Adequate Size & Fitting Of The Shoe

    Once you have figured out the technical parts of buying the best running shoes for women in India, it is
    time to look at the most obvious fact. The runner must determine the perfect shoe size or check it on the
    spot. Once you have the size, check the fitting and comfort of the shoe.

    It is best to physically wear the shoe and take a test walk around the store. Use socks and visit during the
    daytime to acquire the perfect fit. If the socks seem tight, you need to get a bigger size. And daytime is
    the accurate time when your feet reach their peak size. So, it is better to go shoe shopping around noon.


    To buy sports shoes online, you must sacrifice the privilege of physically checking out the product.
    However, there is convenient to choose the product, buy it and get it delivered to your doorstep with a
    few clicks and taps. To acquire the best running shoe for this racing season, follow the above mentioned

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