How to Do Netgear Orbi Satellite Firmware Update

    A Netgear Orbi WiFi mesh system consists of a router and one or more satellites. To get the maximum WiFi output from the Orbi system, it is necessary that you update the firmware of the device using By this, we mean that the Orbi routers as well as satellites involved in the Orbi mesh system should be updated. A lot of users ignore their satellites and only update their Orbi routers. Updating only the router won’t help much. You need to update satellites too. If you are wondering how to update the Orbi satellite firmware, this post will assist you with the process.

    How to Update Orbi Satellite Firmware?

    Before you start updating the firmware on your Orbi satellite, make sure that the satellite is connected to an active power socket. Now turn on its power button. As soon as the Orbi ring LED turns solid (which means that the satellite is working fine) you can proceed to update its firmware:

    • Fire up an internet browser on your computer. The computer as well as the browser that you are using should be updated to their latest versions.

    • Go to the URL bar of the browser and enter You can also put to use the IP address of the Orbi device.

    • Press the Enter key now.

    • The moment you see the Orbi login page, input the login credentials.

    • Click on the Log In button.

    • On the Basic Home screen that opens up, click Advanced > Firmware Update.

    • Now, click on the Online Update tab.

    • Click the Check button located beside the Satellite option to check if there is an update available.

    • Finally follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Orbi satellite firmware update process.

    You can also update the firmware on your Orbi satellite manually. The instructions for the same are highlighted below:

    Orbi Satellite Firmware Update Manual Process

    To manually update the firmware on your Orbi satellite, you first need to download the firmware file keeping into consideration the model number of the Orbi satellite. Thus, download the firmware file, save it at the safest location on your PC, and unzip it. After that, follow these instructions:

    • Access the login page using or the default IP address on your PC.

    • Go to the Firmware Update tab by clicking the Advanced option on the Status page in the settings.

    • Select the Manual Update tab.

    • Now, click the model number of your Orbi satellite and hit the Update button.

    • On the window that opens up, select the Browse button.

    • Thereafter locate the firmware file and select it.

    • Click Upload.

    That’s it! Your Orbi satellite is now getting updated with the latest firmware version.

    Orbi Satellite Firmware Update: Pro Tips

    • Bear in mind that you do not interrupt the firmware update process by performing background activities during the update process.

    • Always download the correct firmware file for the Orbi satellite.

    • The power supply as well as the internet connection to the Orbi satellite should be adequate during the process.

    • The Orbi satellite should be properly synced with the Orbi router.

    As the last tip suggests that the Orbi router and the satellite should be synced properly, the devices should be properly connected to each other. If you see pink light on the satellite, then bring the devices closer to each other. This will help you fix the Orbi purple light issue and connect devices in a better way.


    Once you are done with updating your Orbi satellite, by keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you will be able to get the maximum output from your Orbi system.

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