What is the best strategy to win a Carrom Board game

    Online game playing is one of the most popular ways to spend time nowadays. It is primarily famous amongst the newer generations. Its easy accessibility and smoother user interface make it even more attractive for people of all ages and gender. 

    Any game like board games, arcade games, fantasy games, and more is available online for everyone to play. The variety of games makes the game-playing process much more exciting and fun.


    Best Strategies to Win a Carrom Board Game:

    Playing any game is exciting, but the interest in that game skyrockets if we successfully win the game. Carrom board game is a strategic game that it is needs some strategies to win, like:

    • The first thing you need to do is practice your breaking skills and make them immaculate.
    • Be very careful during each shot to avoid any wrong moves.
    • Your primary target should always be to get the queen as soon as possible.
    • Ensure that all the trick shots are well-practiced.
    • Lastly, you should ensure that your pieces are spread all over your board especially guarding your opponents’ pieces to block them from getting a pocket.


    The Easy-Peasy Way to Play an Online Carrom Board Game

    Carrom board game is a strategic game that needs some practice to master, and there is no place better to practice than playing it online. You can play the game for free if you don’t want to earn money correct away and want to practice. You will get a variety of opponents to play with, and sometimes even the computer can be your opponent in the game. 


    There are Steps That you can Follow to Play Carrom Board Games Online:

    • First, you must carrom board game download online from their official website or any app store.
    • The next step is that you will have to register yourself in the game with the help of your phone number or google account.
    • After you successfully register to play the carrom board game, you can decide whether you want to bet some money on the games you are playing to earn money as a reward for winning the game. Or you want to enjoy your time and play the game without gaining anything.
    • After you have decided on what to do, if you choose to bet some money, you choose options about how much money you are willing to bet, and based on that, you will earn money after you win.
    • Next, the server will join you with other players as your opponents, and you will proceed to play the game.


    Know the Regulations and the Rules That you Follow in a Carrom Board Game:

    Rules and regulations are essential parts of any game. Similarly, remembering carrom’s rules is probably the best way to form your strategies to win the game. Therefore, the carrom rules are as follows:

    •  It is different from the traditional game. As in online matches, you must score as much as possible before all coins get eliminated from the board. The black coins earn 10 points, the white ones earn 20 points, and the red ones earn 50 points. 
    • You can score a foul because of wrong striker movement or coin movement, thus, resulting in losing points.
    • You will have to pot another coin after you have pocketed the red one (Queen). Otherwise, your points won’t be calculated.


    Carrom online game is not only easily accessible but can help the players earn money easily by playing and winning it. Most of us are familiar with carrom and can play it well, and those who can’t can get to know the carrom rules to play a good game and win.

    When are you starting to be a part of a tournament? Stop wasting time and start playing your matches now. Because massive cash prizes await you here, and who knows, this gaming habit may fulfill all those dreams you thought would remain unfilled because of money.


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