How to Block Websites on Netgear Router [Easy Guidelines]

    In the era of the internet, it becomes our duty to prevent our kid’s access to websites that they should not witness until they grow up. The reason being, they adopt things easily and try to imitate things they see. Additionally, access to a restricted website can affect their mental health which no parent wants. With that said, we’ve arrived with a post summing up the guidelines on how to block websites on Netgear router.

    For this, we suggest you read the article carefully and take care of everything you must in order to prevent your kid’s access to certain websites. And yes, do not disclose the admin password to your kid until he/she becomes mature enough to access those websites. After all, you never know when the kid will get into the settings section of your router and unblock them. Well, that will come later. But, now focus on the instructions to restrict your kid’s access to adult content or some specific websites.

    How to Block Websites on Netgear Router?

    You can block a website on devices accessing your Netgear router only by accessing the Dashboard or the Status page. Therefore, the first step of restricting website access involves reaching the BASIC Home screen. Walk through the sub-sections mentioned below to reach the router’s dashboard.

    1. Visit

    After creating the required connections between devices, consider loading your favorite browser on a computer and visit The default web URL entry should be done into the address bar only. Thereafter, you will come across the admin window of the router.

    1. Input the Router Password

    Once you see the Netgear router portal, you are supposed to enter the keys to unlock it. Therefore, get your hands on the user manual and take notes of the default password. Use it to log in to the router. In some cases, you might get asked to enter the username too. Plus, use the changed password if you’ve modified the default one. Once done, click Log In.

    As soon as you click Log In or press Enter, you will see the Status page or the Dashboard of the Netgear wireless router. This is to inform you that you can also make of the Netgear router login IP instead of URL to commence the process of blocking a website on router. Since you’ve reached the router’s BASIC Home screen, you’re free to follow the next steps.

      1. Locate Security Settings

    Click the Advanced option and select Security. Thence, click the Block Services option. In some router models, you can navigate to the Block Services window by following the path: Settings > Content Filtering. In case you’re unable to reach there, consider refreshing the window.

    1. Select the Service to Block

    On the Block Services window, you will be prompted to select the Services Blocking option. These options are – Never, Per Schedule, and Always. Selecting the Never option turns off blocking. If you choose to go with the second option, you will be able to set a schedule for when the websites won’t be accessible. However, if you select Always, the subjected websites will get blocked.

    1. Add Service

    Move to the Service Table and click the Add button. You will see the Block Services Setup screen. Click the drop-down list and select a Service Type to block. In case you cannot see the desired service type, select User Defined instead and specify the protocols to block it. You can also enter the IP addresses of those devices in the provided fields. Click Apply to save the changes. The website has been blocked.

    Summing Up

    With that, our post discussing the guidelines on how to block websites on Netgear router ends here. Doing so is necessary so that your kids will stay away from malicious content. In addition, it also ensures the security of your Netgear router network since restricted websites also contain links that take the user to pages containing viruses. So, it will be like killing two birds with one stone.

    Well, if we’ve talked about the security of your Netgear router, we want you to enhance it by changing the router’s admin password along with the network key. Besides, always keep your WiFi router updated as the firmware update introduces security patches. In case you’re wondering about the instructions to carry out these processes, then worry not. Just access the Netgear router Status page as you did following this post and click the respective tab. Save the changes once you’re done.

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