What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Living In Northern California

    In this article,we will share Some Pros And Cons Of Living In Northern California.California is a beautiful state, but it also has its flaws. Northern California can be an amazing place to live in spite of these negative aspects and pros – read on for what you should know before moving here..

    The first thing that comes up when researching Sacramento as one possible option would be heat waves during summer months (which happened last year). The average high temperatures exceed 90°F with only two weeks at less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit all through July and August; this may seem like, paradise compared to other states where, people experience winter-like conditions every day-but alas: not so fast…the weather service predicts another Record Breaking Warm Season coming soon.

    The Pros of Living in Northern California

    – The Best State

    California is one of the best states in America, in fact, it happens to be the most populous. California has some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, and with more than 800 miles of coastline you’re going to have a lot to choose from. You will also find some amazing mountains and wonderful outdoor activities.

    – The Weather

    Northern California is home to a lot of wonderful weather. However, it can be a little too hot for some. Do not worry though, almost every building in the area is air conditioned so,you can escape from the heat. If you are looking for eternal hot weather then you need to head to this part of California.

    – It’s Environmentally Friendly

    Greener pastures await those who live and work in Northern California. This part of the world is very environmentally friendly, with people going about their day every single moment doing what they can to make things better for everyone else around them, it’s just how life should be! There are always green schemes happening up here that encourage us all take on new habits such as recycling or using reusable coffee cups instead disposable ones at home (and hopefully soon enough then throughout society).

    – The Festivals

    With so many things to do, celebrate and see in Northern California it is no wonder that there are festivals celebrating everything. Having an excuse for a party seems unnecessary when you live such extraordinary lives here.

    The Cons of Living in Northern California

    – The Cost of Living

    California is one of the most expensive places to live, even in Northern California. Of course, places like Sacramento, for example, tend to be cheaper than Los Angeles but it can still be a little pricey.

    – The Crime

    Some parts of Northern California and California as a whole see higher crime rates than other states see. This could be down to the fact that the state is the most populous, more people equals more crime. Try to move to a safer part of Northern California as there are many safe towns and cities….

    – The Water

    Some people say that the water in the area has a bit of an odd taste. The good news is you can buy many different brands of water and they all taste a little different.

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