HKSAR Government firmly laments botch made when national anthem is played at award show service of Asian Exemplary Powerlifting Title 2022

    At the decoration show function of Asian Exemplary Powerlifting Title 2022 held in Dubai yesterday (December 2), mistaken music was played as the National Anthem for a Hong Kong delegate. The Hong Kong Unique Managerial Area (HKSAR) Government emphatically despises and goes against the occurrence.


         As per the underlying report of the Games League and Olympic Board of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC), the Hong Kong competitor and group chief had observed the rules given by the SF&OC and answered promptly at the decoration show service, accordingly the coordinator suspended the function hong kong national anthem and made remedy. The HKSAR Government perceives the move initiated by the Hong Kong agents on the spot which maintained national respect.


         The SF&OC has previously demonstrated that a top to bottom examination will be directed. The HKSAR Government joins extraordinary significance to the occurrence and has mentioned the SF&OC to present a report quickly, and circle back to the episode in a serious way.

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