Top 10 Live Streaming Apps To Help You Grow Your Business

    We are all now familiar with the term ‘streaming platform’. Nowadays, we spend a certain amount of time watching different content on streaming platforms. Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Fubo TV, Prime Video, 9anime app, etc are some popular streaming platforms. These platforms are gaining rapid popularity among us. They are serving different services like streaming movies, serials, games, promotional videos, etc.



    Social media influencers, online gamers, artists, and singers are now using various online streaming platforms to connect with their audiences and build their brands. The number of users is so large on these platforms that businesses are seeing a scope here. For digital marketing, streaming events, or to attract more users different businesses are utilizing these platforms. If you host live events or want to engage with your team members with pre-recorded videos, these mentioned streaming platforms can help you.


    1. Streamlabs

    Streamlabs app allows you to conduct live streams across different social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, etc. Here you can do a live stream within minutes. The mobile background themes are customizable.

    2. UStream

    UStream is also known as IBM cloud video. It has many advanced features. Here captions are generated by AI. It shows real-time analytics. The function of UStream includes video hosting, live streaming, transcoding, automated speech-to-text, etc.

    3. Facebook Live

    One of the most popular and best live-streaming platforms is Facebook Live. We all know about it. Most people use Facebook so its streaming services are well-known to the masses. 

    4. YouTube Live

    There will be hardly any person who didn’t hear the name YouTube. It is reigning in the arena of streaming. YouTube Live allows you to go on live streaming. Both creators and viewers find it easy and convenient to use. It will make you monetize video services as well as fulfill your needs. 


    5. LinkedIn Live

    LinkedIn Live also allows users to stream directly on social media. Within a short time, you can reach a wide audience through it. LinkedIn Live comes with features like audience engagement tools and content inspiration.

    6. Brightcove

    Brightcove can be a better option if you are looking for a more advanced video streaming platform. It has high-quality video streaming and communication features. Its marketing and video analytics features help you in your business.

    7. Instagram Live

    Instagram is very popular among the young generation. Here, streaming videos get millions of views. If your target audience is the young generation then Instagram Live is for you. Like Facebook Live, it also offers free live streaming and audience analytics.

    8. Vimeo Live

    Vimeo Live is another good app for live streaming. It is very reliable and the streaming quality is also good. Multiple features are making it very easy to use.

    9. YouNow

    YouNow allows you to conduct live streaming while also meeting other streamers. It is very similar to YouTube events. Here, you can conduct live streaming, and chat with the live streamer.

    10. Tango

    Tango is one of the best live-streaming apps out there. Through this, you can get acquainted with new friends. It also provides video chat facilities. It can become a great medium for content creators, where videos can be monetized and leveraged. You can increase your acquaintance and accept gifts from viewers. 


    The above-mentioned apps are very useful. They are widely used by people throughout all days and weeks in a year. Their advanced features will make it easy for you to stream something very smoothly. Hope, you will find this discussion worth reading. Hopefully, these apps will be very suitable for content creators. However, using them will facilitate you to choose the apps you want, you need. 

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