Top 10 Bowlers With Most Wickets In A Career In All Formats Combined (ODI, T20I, Test)

    The goal of the bowler is to bring down the other team’s total score by getting rid of as many batters as possible. Culture of fixing match in ipl is also increasing. A bowler is a very important part of a winning team. To keep the pressure on the other team, the bowler needs to go after batters at the top and middle of the other team’s batting order. Getting rid of key players is important if you want to win a competition because it gives you an edge over the other team. When the team needs a breakthrough, the bowler should be able to give them one. Who are the top ten bowlers in terms of how many wickets they have taken throughout their careers? The ODI, T20I, and TEST

    With 1347 wickets, M. Muralitharan was the best bowler in the world –

    Muthiah Muralidaran is an off-break bowler for the Sri Lankan national team. He throws the ball with his right hand. Between 1992 and 2011, he played in 295 different games. He played 583 innings, bowled 63132 balls, gave up 30803 runs, and got 1347 wickets. In one inning, he bowled the best with 9/51. He is probably one of the best bowlers in cricket history.

    SK Warne’s 1001 dismissals –

    Shane Keith Warne is an Australian cricketer who bats with his right hand and spins with a leg-break googly delivery. During his career, which lasted from 1992 to 2007, he played in 339 different games. In his 464 innings, he gave up a total of 25536 runs and took a total of 1001 wickets. The most wickets he has taken with his bowling in one innings is 8/71. Everyone in the world of cricket knows who he is.

    With 956 wickets, Kumble is now third all-time in terms of the most wickets taken –

    Anil Kumble plays cricket for India. He bats with his right hand and spins the ball with both a leg break and a googly. Between 1990 and 2008, he took part in 403 different games. In 501 innings, he faced 501 bowling attacks, dropped 956 catches, and gave up 28767 runs. With the best score of 10/74 in an innings, he became known as one of the best bowlers in the history of the sport.

    GD McGrath, who had 949 wickets –

    Glenn Donald McGrath bats with his right hand and throws fast-medium balls with his right arm for Australia. He took part in 376 games between 1993 and 2007. Throughout 493 innings, he got 949 wickets and let 20656 runs get scored against him. An 8/24 is his best bowling performance throughout an inning. He is now in the top four because he has taken so many wickets.

    With 933 wickets, JM Anderson is now ranked fifth –

    James Michael Anderson is an English cricketer who bats with his left hand and throws medium-fast balls with his right arm. Anderson also bowls fast with his right arm. He took part in a total of 383 games between 2002 and 2022. In 526 innings, he threw a total of 46624 balls, during which he gave up a total of 25550 runs and took 933 wickets. When he was bowling, his best innings were when he got 7/42. This is the best thing he’s ever done. Most people agree that he is one of England’s best swing bowlers.

    Wasim Akram is number six on the list, with 916 wickets –

    Wasim Akram bats on the left side of Pakistan’s batting order and throws a quick ball with his left arm. Between 1984 and 2003, a representative of his company played 460 games in his place. In 532 games, his opponents have scored a total of 21591 runs against him, and he has taken 916 wickets. His best innings of bowling were when he got seven wickets for 119 runs. People think of him as one of the best fast bowlers in sports history.

    With 829 wickets, SM Pollock is the seventh-best wicket-taker in history –

    Shaun Maclean Pollock is from South Africa. He bats with his right hand and throws a medium-speed ball with his right arm. He took part in a total of 423 games between 1995 and 2008. Throughout 510 innings, he threw a total of 40308 balls, gave up a total of 19673 runs, and took 829 wickets. In an innings where he bowled the best, he got seven wickets while only giving up 87 runs. Both critics and fans agree that he is the best performance of all time.

    Waqar Younis, who has a total of 789 wickets, comes in at number eight –

    Waqar Younis Maitla bats with his right hand and bowls with his right arm at a medium speed for Pakistan. He took part in a total of 349 different events between 1989 and 2003. In 412 innings, he bowled a total of 28922 balls, gave up a total of 18707 runs, and took a total of 789 wickets, with a best innings performance of 7/36. When it comes to getting wickets for Pakistan, he is one of the best players on the team.

    SCJ Broad is in the lead with 784 wickets –

    Stuart Christopher John Broad bats with his left hand and bowls fast-medium for England with his right arm. Broad plays cricket for the English national team. He played in a total of 330 different games between 2006 and 2022. Throughout 458 innings, he was bowled at 458 times, gave up a total of 21908 runs, and had 789 catches and wickets to his name. In an innings, his best bowling stat is eight wickets in fifteen throws.

    With 761 wickets, the Vaas, He is now ranked 10th

    WPU Joseph Chaminda Vaas is on Sri Lanka’s national cricket team. He bats with his left hand and bowls with his left arm. He took part in a total of 439 games between 1994 and 2009. There were 520 bowling attacks, 39345 deliveries, 21643 runs, and 761 dismissals against him. His best innings bowling record is 8/19, which means that he only gave up 19 runs. People have said that he is the best fast bowler in Sri Lanka, and he is the only player in the history of one-day internationals to ever take eight wickets.

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