Top 10 Best Thing In Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

    Tourists are always looking for new experiences. You can make your explorations more exciting by visiting the interesting parts of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Let’s make it even more exciting. Johor Bahru has many places you can visit. Let’s start by talking about the top places in Johor Bahru. It will be well worth your time to see them once you have entered the city. An itinerary is helpful when planning your trip to a new city.

    1. Johor Zoo

    Sultan Ibrahim, a late Sultan, established Johor Zoo in 1928. Many different species of animals live at the zoo. You can see many beautiful animals, including horses, lions and elephants, crocodiles as well as wild cats, camels bears, chimpanzees and swans.

    Interacting with the animals and feeding them is one of the many fun options. Visitors can also take photos with the animals at the photography corner.

    You can also go horse riding or boat paddling with your family and friends. There are restrooms available for visitors to use, and food stalls sell delicious food. Children can also play in the playgrounds when they’re bored. This Zoo is a must-see for animal lovers.

    1. An Old Chinese Temple

    Traditional temples are also well-known as being among the oldest religious structures built since the 19th Century. This place is visited by many people from all over the globe every year on the Chingay or Parade of Deities. More than 300,000 people marched together for four days to parade along the streets in order to worship the 5 Deities.

    The 4-day parade can bring you the feeling of attending a vibrant musical festival. This exciting event is worth a visit for any music lover. Temple’s architecture can be a refreshing and enjoyable sight to see.

    1. Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

    The Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque can be found near Jalan Skudai which is close to The Grand Palace. The State Mosque is situated on a hilltop. It was constructed between 1982 and 1990. Its mix of Victorian and Moorish architectural styles with a hint of Malay influence will amaze you.

    The four minarets of Mosque, which are situated at the top, look a lot like a traditional British clock-tower. Ideas about the grand Roman columns and colonial-style windows that span the entire hall can be found here. The mosque is open to Muslims and non-Muslims. We must dress in a simple, decent manner as a sign of respect.

    1. Desaru Beach

    Desaru beach, Johor Bahru’s most popular tourist spot is located in Johor Bahru. This will give you an idea about the East Coastal area of Johor. It is also close to Singapore. Although it’s not a large town, there are plenty of activities for everyone.

    Desaru is the perfect place to relax and have fun with the water around you. Swimming is possible in the warm water. Children can also play in the water.

    1. Istana Besar

    Istana Besar, also known as the Royal Palace is the name of this palace. It was once the residence of the Sultan of Johor. It was built during Sultan Abu Bakar’s 1866 reign.

    The architecture of the Istana Besar will give you a beautiful Malay-Westerly mix feeling. Istana Besar is also known by the general name The Grand Palace. You can visit the Royal Abu Bakar Museum, which houses a variety of royal heirlooms as well as artifacts.

    1. Legoland Malaysia

    Legoland, the largest thrill-seeking theme park in Johor Bahru, Malaysia is Legoland. With its many thrilling rides, this park is a paradise for riders. There are rides, slides, shows and more! You and your family will love the many activities that you can enjoy.

    You don’t have to go to Legoland just once. You can still enjoy your night at Legoland. Grab your family and get ready to enjoy your vacation by riding some of the most amazing rides.

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