The Pros & Cons Of Owning A Clover Lawn – Updated

    Today,we will share The Pros & Cons Of Owning A Clover Lawn.Clover lawns might be beneficial and problematic at the same time. They will require no fertilizers, but they do not last long-lasting like other types of grasses do (1). The leaves from these plants can bring good luck as well; so if you want an exotic look for your yard then try out this type.

    Advantages Of A Clover Lawn

    1. They Are Cheaper Compared To Grass Lawns..

    The biggest advantage of a clover lawn is that it is very cheap. If you recently bought a new house and have done some upgrades to your house, you will be short on money..

    This makes it hard on your bank account to renovate the existing lawn into a grass lawn. But if you switch normal grass with clover plants, it will be much cheaper..

    Clover leaves cost about $4 per 4000 square feet. So in a simple term, only one dollar per thousand square feet. It will also add beautiful little white flowers in the lawn.

    2. They Can Resist Drought And Winter

    Some clover variations such as the strawberry clover plant can lay deep roots, which allow them to absorb water from the deeper ground. So during drought, you do not need to worry about watering them regularly as they can take care of themselves.

    In winter times, normal lawn grasses dry up and become fragile. Clover lawns on the other hand stay green until, the atmosphere gets too cold.

    3. Beneficial For The Soil

    Many people might think that clover plants are invasive and prevent the growth of other small plants, but they are more beneficial than other plants. First, they attract bees, which can help pollinate the flower plants in your lawn if you have any.

    They also attract parasitoid wasps which are harmless to humans but can eliminate other harmful insects.

    4. Mowing Will Not Be necessary

    Normal grass lawns have quick growth. You will need to mow the lawn once every week. Some grass breeds have faster growth, in that case, frequent mowing is needed to keep the grass in check.

    This can be a bothersome activity that costs more time and money. But clover lawns on the other hand do not need mowing very often. This plant has a very slow growth rate and does not grow very tall. So not mowing them regularly will not pose any serious problem.

    5. More Comfortable To Walk On

    If you walk on a grass lawn and a clover lawn, you will be able to identify the difference easily. Grass on lawns is much sturdier and has sharp edges. So, even though they are soft, it will still feel like something is poking at your feet.

    Clovers, on the other hand, are much softer and have a lusher in texture. You will feel like walking on a wool carpet.

    6. Weed Growth Will Be A Thing Of The Past

    We mentioned before that clover plants are invasive and will not allow the growth of any other smaller plants. This might be troublesome to some people as they will not be able to grow other plants alongside clover plants.

    But to others, this can be a great advantage. Clovers will not allow any weed to grow, So it will not be necessary to use weed killers or herbicides. Your entire lawn will be filled up with clover plants.

    Disadvantages Of A Clover Lawn

    1. They Are Not That Durable

    Clover plants are soft and fragile. They cannot handle too much traffic, which makes them much less durable than grass lawns.

    If you have too many people running and walking on your clover lawn, the plants will likely get damaged and die. However, this problem can be eliminated if you mix some sturdy grass and create a hybrid lawn.

    2. Unpleasant Appearance

    This disadvantage is directed more towards hybrid lawns that have clover and grass mixed than pure clover lawns.

    If you have a mix of grass and clover, then the appearance will be a little messy. The grasses will have pointy edges while clover leaves will be flat. It will ruin the appearance of your lawn. So it is better to stick with either one of those unless you are not worried about the appearance.

    3. You Might Get Stung By Bees

    Clovers have strong nectar that attracts bees. Now we have already discussed how bees can help pollinate the flowers if you have a garden.

    But even if you do not have a flower garden, bees will still come to drink the nectar of clovers and if you somehow annoy these bees, you will be chased and stung by them.

    4. They Can Stain Your Favorite Clothes

    If you walk on a clover lawn, you will notice stains on your clothes. Clover plants can easily put a green stain on your cloth which although is not difficult to remove, but can be a headache. Although green grasses can also stain, clover leaves have a higher intensity of color.

    5. They Have A Short Lifespan

    Another downside of clovers is they are short-lived compared to most other grass lawns. If your lawn is full of clover plants, then you need to reseed them every two to three years. Without this bi-yearly seeding, your plants will soon die, leaving you with a lifeless lawn.

    Final Thoughts

    Clover lawns are the new rage in residential landscaping. They’re popular because of their low cost and easy maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they offer more benefits than traditional grassy surfaces like clover does! The two types have their pros and cons so you should consider what’s most important before deciding which one to go with – either way everyone loves having soft-looking grass on a warm day

    Clovers may be lessdemanding when it comes down choosing where your next container garden will live; however there is still plenty for us get excited about: from its vibrant flowers (that often contain pesticides) plus lots or other organic.

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