Six Types of Jewelry That Everyone Gemmaphile Must Consider

    People with a love of jewelry do not need words to connect with each other. A bling from here and a sparkle from there can build an instant connection. The appreciation for good jewelry goes across the board for every gemmaphile.

    One of the reasons for such a huge jewelry fan base is its several types. You do not have to meet certain criteria for style to be a jewelry lover. There is something for everyone out there for your style and preference if you look keenly enough.

    Jewelry has been around for more than 6,000 years, and it continues to make people feel beautiful and empowered even to date. If you are unsure about the jewelry type that will suit your needs, here are some of the important types of jewelry that can lead to a perfect choice for yourself. 

    1. Gold Jewelry

    Gold jewelry is one of the most common types of jewelry out there. There are many different types of gold jewelry that you may encounter on your journey to find the right match. You can incorporate many options, from gold-plated jewelry to gold-filled options, into your daily fashion needs.

    People looking for timeless jewelry usually go for solid gold jewelry. It can go on to serve your fashion needs for years without wearing down. However, you may have to consider other options if you are limited in the budget as it can be very expensive.

    1. Pearl Jewelry

    If you are looking for something gifted by nature, look no further than pearls. They are some of the most sophisticated-looking jewelry types, especially when a string of pearls forms a pearl necklace. They can be worn in casual outfits and suit equally well for formal attire. Truly, they give you some of the most versatile jewelry options.

    There is no exaggeration in saying that pearl jewelry pieces are timeless and classic. It was proudly owned and worn by women of class, and this trend continues to date. And it seems that this type of jewelry is going nowhere out of fashion anytime soon.

    1. Crystal Jewelry 

    According to many ancient cultures, different crystals come with their distinct healing properties. Although this belief started from origins such as Egypt, Greece, and China, the healing power of crystals has made its way to the hearts and lives of people everywhere.

    According to many people, crystals encourage the flow of positive energy and provide many other benefits for your emotional and physical health. You do not have to carry loose crystals everywhere you go. Instead, you can turn acclaimed crystals such as quartz and amethyst into jewelry pieces.

    There are many distinct and naturally occurring patterns in crystals. You can get these designs fitted in different shapes and metals to create a statement. You may also consider handmade jewelry options for daily wear and sentimental value.

    1. Bead Jewelry

    Beaded jewelry has been around for years and continues to be a part of the fashion industry. For many, beaded jewelry is more than just a tool to enhance your looks. This type of jewelry also represents your connection with your spiritual side.

    Many stores provide handmade and intricately woven beaded jewelry options, from necklaces to bracelets and even earrings. You can choose colorful gems in your beaded jewelry or consider gems being embedded in your jewelry.

    1. Platinum Jewelry 

    With more than 90-95 % purity, platinum jewelry is paired with cobalt or ruthenium to form a beautiful jewelry piece. Platinum can help you create timeless pieces of jewelry that will not tarnish, rust, or discolor. The best part is that this white metal can be paired with a variety of gems and diamonds.

    Due to its durability, many people use Platinum for their wedding rings Whether your first anniversary or the 50th celebration, a platinum jewelry piece will shine the same every day. This quality makes platinum jewelry worth its price.

    While owning platinum jewelry has many benefits, you may want to consider its weight. In general, platinum weighs 60% more than a 14-karat gold piece. In addition, it also wears easily, making its maintenance a little harder than gold and some other jewelry options.

    1. Silver Jewelry

    Many people who love and wear silver jewelry may not know that this metal is too soft to become a jewelry piece on its own. This jewelry option is one of the most affordable jewelry options. There is no limit for silver jewelry lovers, from fine silver to sterling silver jewelry, Argentium, and so on.

    The purest form of silver you can get is fine silver. It has more than 99.9% of silver mixed with other .1% elements to make it firmer. It can be a perfect gift for someone or you can explore options to form jewelry from this affordable metal for low prices.

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