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    The Bohemian is actually a lifestyle. This is was introduced back in the days of Oscar Wilde. In fact, Oscar Wilde was one of those who lived the Bohemian lifestyle. But nowadays the improvement has been changed, and it is applied to the interior decorating style.

    Bohemian style is ll about emphasizing the vintage elements, which represent the memories and applying them to the new life. This is the chance for you to get creative. When you find an old leather couch you will redo it. By keeping the style clean, you will get the interior an improvement.

    Bohemian Interiors are not only about old and vintage. It is also composing the interior to be the combination of old and new. It is also combination or mix and match of different styles. The home-owners now can use different lush textures and intricate patterns fairly make the authentic bohemian accent. You can expect to see such beautiful rhapsody accents and colors, different nuances and appearances conducted to create the powerful scene..

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    When you have the option to use different colors and styles in your space, it is important that they be able to coexist. You may opt for neutral so as not take away any sense of uniqueness from each item within a room, or palette with earthy tones and dynamic hues spread throughout; however light up some candles (or just one) along side vintage lanterns using this bohemian decorating idea.

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    The Bohemian Lifestyle is all about living in harmony with the earth and its inhabitants. A true bohemian knows that these things can only be done by looking out for yourself first, which means you should live off of what’s available rather than spending too much money on unnecessary items or belongings like many people do when they think their lifestyle will last forever. These 45 pictures were taken during an incredible trip through India where I learned so much not just from locals but also myself as well-the beauty around me seemed fitting enough at times to serve as inspiration (or reminder) later down life’s road.


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