How to Know Which Period Underwear Absorbency is Best for You 

    Period panties are a new concept, so it can be a bit challenging to know where to begin and how to choose them according to your period flow. Before you choose your first period panty, you will want to understand how these work to develop a better understanding of these innovative panties. While period panties are a personal choice, we recommend taking a period quiz to know which period underwear will work best for you. There are two types of period panties: Absorbent period underwear that is moisture-wicking and ideal for a heavy period flow. Non-absorbent period underwear, which is perfect for a light period flow.

    Absorbent Period Underwear

    Typically, absorbent underwear is made of many layers that are made of a particular fabric. The used material is antimicrobial, leak-proof, and can absorb fluid worth many tampons. Absorbent period panties are exclusively designed to replace sanitary pads and tampons, aiming to make life easier for women.

    Non-absorbent Period Underwear

    Non-absorbent period underwear contains no core lining, which is why it is not designed to absorb fluid. The non-absorbent underwear has a layer of waterproof fabric that is placed within other fabric types, such as cotton. Typically, the non-absorbent period is ideal for spotting, discharge, and light period flow. You can back up the non-absorbent period underwear with a menstrual cup.

    How do Period Panties Work?

    You might want to look at period underwear as a blend of modern technology with old methods. Different companies integrate their own unique technology for creating period underwear – but – more or less – the formula is similar across the manufacturing companies. The absorbent period panties comprise the following aspects to manage and absorb heavy menstrual flow: Breathable cotton – Usually, most of the period panties are made of breathable cotton to keep the skin easy and comfortable. Moisture-Wicking Layer – Absorbent period panties comprise a moisture-wicking layer designed to keep your skin dry by absorbing fluid and sweat. This way, you can stay dry and comfortable even during heavy flow days. Odor-Controlling Layer – Once exposed to the air, menstrual blood can have a strong odor. To curb the odor, period underwear has an odor-controlling layer to absorb the odor and help you stay fresh throughout the day. Leak-Resistant Layer – the final layer of period underwear is usually the leak-resistant layer, which also acts as a barrier between your clothes and the menstrual fluid. The companies that produce period panties use a blend of different materials and technologies – so you will want to be careful while choosing the period panties that cater to your period flow and skin type. Since period panties are available in different styles, there is a period panty for everyone that matches their style and how they wear underwear, including boyshorts and classic briefs. Some brands have expanded their range of period panties, including leggings and period-proof swimwear.

    Hygiene – A Common Concern about Period Underwear

    Someone who is new to the concept of period underwear – will undoubtedly question the hygiene element of it as one will be directly bleeding into the underwear. Here is the thing – period panties are 100% hygienic. The underwear is made of multiple layers of unique material, ensuring you stay dry and fresh throughout the day. Besides, the moisture-wicking and odor-absorbing layers are antimicrobial. Nonetheless, if you are sensitive to certain fabrics, you will want to research each brand before choosing the best underwear. If you have heavy flows, you might want to use tampons or pads with period underwear. The important thing here is to understand personally how your period works, as it is different for every woman. As a beginner, you will want to try wearing your period underwear at home to see how the panty handles your period flow. You might want to include a pad on your heavy days while wearing period underwear. And on your lighter days, you can switch to simply wearing period underwear alone. Simultaneously, you can decide if you need to wear the underwear with a pad or go without it.

    Tips for Washing Your Period Underwear

    Do you know what the best part of the entire concept of period underwear is? It is the washing part. You don’t have to discard the underwear like a pad – but – you can wash it and use the same underwear repeatedly. Of course, you will feel reluctant to wash your underwear in the washing machine with other clothes – but – there are a few preventive measures you can take, such as rinsing your period underwear with cold water to remove excess blood and prevent staining. Subsequently, you can place your underwear in a mesh bag before putting it into the washing machine. Instead of placing the period underwear in the dryer, you will want to hang it on a line and wait for it to dry.

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