How Farmers Can Keep Their Trucks In Good Shape?

    Farming can be a fun job if you have all the required machinery and equipment. However, farming machines and vehicles can be quite expensive and farmers need to make sure that they are maintaining their trucks and tractors in good shape.

    Regular vehicle inspection, getting brake services, and keeping an eye on fluids can help a farmer keep their trucks and tractors in functioning position. Here are some ways a farmer can make sure that his tractors and trucks remain efficient for a longer duration.

    1.      Keep Checking The Oils

    Oils and other fluids are extremely important for the proper functioning and maintaining the efficiency of a motor vehicle. Make sure that you are keeping an eye on the oils of your trucks and tractors.

    You should check engine oil, brake oil, and other fluids required. The oils should be in good condition and the required quantity. Oil leakage from the engine may decrease the efficiency of the engine.

    2.      Ensure Lubrication Of Required Parts

    Motor parts can wear off with time due to friction. To reduce friction, lubricants are used. Make sure that all the moving parts are well-lubricated to avoid friction.

    You should check all the hinges, joints, and other moveable parts of your vehicle. Make sure to lubricate these parts regularly.

    3.      Replace Tires On Time

    Flat tires can significantly reduce the efficiency of the engine performance. Make sure that the tires of your farming vehicles are in good shape and working condition.

    You should also consider getting a brake service and alignment of the wheels while getting your tires checked to ensure everything is in place. Farming vehicles often lose alignment because of the rough lands they have to operate on.

    4.      Repair Any Damage Instantly

    If you want your farming vehicles to have a longer life, repair any damage instantly. When you delay minor repairs, they can become bigger problems that are not only costly but also cause various other issues alongside.

    For example, if you are not keeping the right air pressure in the tires, they can put more stress on the engine which can reduce the efficiency of the engine as well.

    5.      Inspect Battery And Lights

    Make sure that the battery of your farming vehicles is in good condition. You should check the water level in the battery cells and make sure that it is charging properly. If you have dry battery cells, follow the safety protocol to maintain the efficiency of the battery.

    Being a farmer, you might need to plow the fields or remain in the fields from dawn to dusk. Make sure that the lights are functioning properly.

    6.      Clean Your Trucks Regularly

    Cleaning your trucks and tractors is important to maintain their efficiency. Make sure that you thoroughly wash your vehicles with clean water through a pressure hose. Pressurized water can remove all the dirt that is stuck on different parts. Leaving dirt may promote corrosion of the body.

    You should also clean up the build-up on moving parts after several coatings of lubricants.

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