Guide To Pressure Washing Your Car Or Truck

    Today, we will share Guide To Pressure Washing Your Car Or Truck. Pressure washing is the quickest way to keep your car looking great, And with all of these new pressure washer models coming out on a monthly basis, there’s no reason for you not get one.
    A quick google search will give any enthusiast tons information about what they need, and can do from cleaning their own vehicle or working at small businesses like retail stores that have parking lots full-time (and night). You’ll find tips such as caring abrasive pads versus fiberglass ones, which one might be better suited depending upon how often, they plan on doing this type job themselves; detergents containing biodegradable ingredients, so people don’t feel bad after every use spreading them around home improvement centers located nearby places where water goes when used correctly etceter..

    Electric vs. Gas-powered

    Electric pressure washers are lightweight, gas-free and environmentally friendly. They can also be easily stored in a corner of your garage for when you need them! But the drawback to this type is that it’s cordless – meaning there needs to be an outlet nearby or else they won’t work at all because their battery runs out quickly. These types mostly have good residential uses: cleaning around my house such as driveway/patio furniture etc., but not so much commercial jobs like power washing vehicles which require more fuel consumption per minute than other forms alternatives would offer…

    You can never go wrong with a gas pressure washer. It’s easy to store, clean everything in one session and you don’t have worry about getting tangled up in cords! The best part? You won’t get tired of moving it around because its tires are always flat–they’re never-flat just like your cleaning power.

    How to use pressure washers in 3 steps for your vehicle


    Start from the bottom

    Before you begin, make sure to wear the appropriate safety gear. You will need protective goggles for your eyes and a shirt that covers as much skin possible because debris may get shot back at you while cleaning! Once equipped with these items go ahead and attach your garden hose with pressure washer so it’s primed before adding detergent; then apply from bottom up where dirt is located using shallower 40° nozzle if necessary (this helps reach into tight spaces).
    Hold lance approximately 3 feet away on horizontal plane moving closer when needed until entire vehicle has been washed thoroughly.

    Leave the detergent on

    When you are done spraying detergent on your vehicle and removing most of those grimes, leave it on for a minimum of 5 minutes while sporadically spraying to keep it wet.

    Detach the tank

    Now you need to detach the detergent tank as it is time to rinse all the soap away with water. Once detached, you can again use the 40-degree nozzle to spray your car, however, this time it will be from TOP DOWN. Get your wheel cleaners ready prior to doing so to have a seamless process. Sometimes, regular soap won’t clean the wheels as the dirt on there is harder to get rid off. You will need wheel cleaners for the job.

    Make sure you are a few feet away when rinsing and take extra care when spraying delicate car parts such as side mirrors. Also, if you have stickers on your glass shields, you can clean it head-on instead of from the side as that would just peel it open.

    If you are cleaning a truck, then you can try using a stronger spray nozzle (0 or 15 degrees) to clean your truck bed or tray. It all depends on how dirty your tray is.

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