Cerner vs CounSol – Top EMR Software Showdown 2022

    Many EMR (electronic medical record) sofwares are available in the market. Some provide an all-encompassing suite of features, while others focus on specialties or functions. For example, Cerner and Counsol are well-known names in the practice management tools industry. This article will look at their features, prices, and demos to help you divide between Cerner and CounSol.  

    The cloud-based EHR software Cerner enables healthcare organizations to deliver better care and finish tasks faster. Cerner EMR is applicable in acute and ambulatory care settings and encompasses a variety of specializations. Using technologies such as clinical charting and task automation in the Cerner EMR can increase productivity. According to Cerner’s assessments, the software helps you see more patients, boosting your revenue. In addition, using Cerner EMR, you can store, record, and retrieve patient health information electronically. 

    CounSol enables solo practitioners to streamline their practices to benefit their clients and themselves. The platform offers many electronic medical records (EMR) functions, including client notes, insurance claims, appointments, and billing. Because it is simple to use and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant, the program is a good choice for solo practitioners who want to increase the efficiency of their business. 

    Cerner EMR  

    Key Features  

    Patient Engagement Tool 

    In the age of consumerism, consumers expect digital health care experience akin to their interactions with corporations in other industries. A digital front door and digital practice help place the customer at the center of their health care journey, from scheduling appointments to navigating their well-being travels and allowing them to engage whenever it is convenient.  

    Cerner offers a robust solution for member engagement that allows a person and their care team to be continually aligned, informed, and educated. This solution is intended to assist organizations in enabling individuals, families, and care teams to be active participants in their own health and care.  

    Financial Management   

    Cerner EHR streamlines financial administration by ensuring the revenue cycle’s seamless operation. The tool enables you to improve your cost management and workflow, hence increasing your sales. With the assistance of Cerner’s revenue cycle management tools, organizations in acute and outpatient care settings can improve financial performance, monitor expenditures connected with collections, and streamline administrative processes.  

    Medical Charting 

    The EMR software from Cerner has dynamic documentation capability. The application allows the automated transmission of charting data to different patient medical file locations. Any essential medical information, including diagnosis and prescriptions, is supplied without delay.  

    Cerner EHR Pricing 

    The Cerner EHR pricing depends on the size of your practice. Each practice can get a customized quote for their clinic from the sales teams.  

    Cerner EMR Demo 

    When purchasing Cerner EMR Software for your medical practice, you can schedule a Cerner EMR demo with the vendor to evaluate whether the software meets your needs.  

    Cerner EMR Reviews 

    According to the reviews of the Cerner EMR, it has been a valuable tool for laboratory testing management and has decreased patient waiting time. It also provides training for new users so they can get started with the software quickly.  


    Improved Treatment Plans 

    You can prepare therapy plans using CounSol’s user-friendly templates, which include: Diagnostic descriptions, diagnosis axis codes, current risk assessments, concerns/issues, short-term and long-term goals, treatment targets, treatment approaches, and actions. 

    Patient Records 

    CounSol’s state-of-the-art encryption technology protects and safeguards client information. You will be the only one with access to protected client information. You’ll never have to worry about losing data since its Tier IV data center backs up all your notes, files, and information hourly using 256-bit encryption.  

    Client Billing 

    Send email invoice alerts to your customers, and accept credit card payments on CounSol’s website using a third-party payment processor with whom it collaborates. With a payment processor, your customers can pay their bills via your site without requiring your presence. Your private administrator monitors funds received and notifies you of any outstanding bills.  

    CounSol EHR Pricing  

    The CounSol software offers 4-tiered pricing plans so practices of all sizes can opt for a suitable option. The standard subscription plan costs $49.95 per month and is designed for practices that do not accept insurance. The next option is Standard Plus, which costs $59.95 per month. This option is suitable for private practices that also accept insurance. The premium subscription option is billed for $$64.95 per month and supports features for online video calls and chats with the patients. However, it does not accommodate insurance options. The last option is the Premium Plus which costs $69.95.  

    CounSol EMR Demo 

    The CounSol EMR demo is provided in the form of slides that will give you comprehensive information about the different features and functions of the software. Moreover, it also provides access to a sample of Secure Client Area to help you see the platform from the perspective of potential clients.  

    CounSol EMR Reviews 

    In numerous online reviews, users have praised the software for its secure client records, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing plans. The program is particularly acclaimed for its capacity to construct detailed treatment plans and an online appointment scheduling system.   

    Final Thoughts

    An integrated database with a wide range of features, the Cerner electronic medical record offers a variety of possibilities. It was designed by Cerner to facilitate the electronic recording, storage, and retrieval of patient health information in acute and outpatient settings.

    CounSol is an economic practice management tool that optimizes enterprise management for sole practitioners. Several EMR technologies, including client notes, insurance claims, and invoicing, are available on the app. Therefore, the app is a fantastic option for therapists seeking a cost-effective and user-friendly solution.  

    When it comes to making a choice between Cerner vs CounSol, it is helpful to watch their demos. It will help you quickly compare the two with each other from the perspective of your requirements. In addition, you can also compare their prices after requesting the cost of the Cerner EMR from their sales team.  

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