Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered Demo Style All Answers Wrong Tips and Route Guide

    You can find all the solutions to your questions in the Demo Format version of Baldi’s Basics. This guide will help you beat Wrong, a challenging mode that needs a high level of game expertise.


    If a high degree of random chance isn’t your thing, you should probably avoid this setting.
    Captions are a huge benefit, so much so that their use is practically mandatory.
    •Baldi does not have temp anger in this, he is extremely fast; •if Baldi makes a happy face in the bottom left, that noise is the noise he will currently be heading to; •if Baldi does not seem so happy about the noise, that noise is a later priority and he will check it after checking out other things.
    •If Playtime isn’t too close, you can make her turn around by circling a corner when she catches sight of you.
    •If you side with the Bully when the Principle is there, he will be sent to detention.


    Starting Out
    You should start by making a round of the facility in search of supplies; ideally, you’ll come away with three or half a BSoda, as well as a lock or two, and a roll of Baldi’s least favorite tape (s).
    Books for Grades 3 through 5
    In whichever sequence you see fit (this can alter a lot based on rng so do whatever you think would be best, and don’t try to rush it too much) after visiting much of the building and setting up, you want to get the two center notebooks and the top left notebook. In this phase, if a flood is provided to you, you have the option of taking the danger to collect all of the notebooks you find, or you can utilize it to avoid Baldi and loot or gain the third through fifth notebooks. In this part, Baldi’s Least Favorite Tape is quite useful.

    Last Two Notebooks
    The two notebooks on the right are what you need now (although don’t grab the one in the center right just yet; it’s close to an exit). The ideal strategy for getting these two is to lurk behind the machine until Baldi is out of sight, and then to respond incorrectly. (See the hidden hints below.)

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    From here, proceed to the far end of the hall on the side Baldi isn’t approaching from, and use a BSoda on him. (You’ll need to use a second BSoda if he gets within striking distance before you reach the end of the corridor. You’re hoping for some kind of miraculous happening as you make your way to the exits without very many useful things (tips for special events during the end below).


    One can take cover behind the Arithmetic Machine to the left of the spawning area, another can be found outside the principal’s office, and the other two are located down the long hallway. (Depending on how thoroughly Baldi searches the room, you might be able to hide behind the center one, though this is rare.)

    If you want to hide from Baldi, you need to avoid giving away your location by answering incorrectly or having Chalkles tell Baldi where you are.

    Hiding without Chalkles

    You need only go into hiding before giving an incorrect response or before leaving a room in which you have completed tasks. If you don’t know the answer or don’t want to reveal yourself, you may always just leave the room. You should wait outside the room until Baldi comes in, at which point you should dash back inside and hide. He won’t be able to get a good look around the Arithmetic Machine and locate you this way.

    Hiding with Chalkles
    When Chalkles locks a room and notifies Baldi of your whereabouts, he does so with a little click sound, which is his obnoxious laugh. If you’re hiding in the same room as Chalkles, you should move closer to the door just before he clicks, then back to hiding behind the machine following the click. (I wouldn’t count on performing this in the room to the left of spawning because it didn’t work the one time I tried it.)

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