5 Things To Check If A Swamp Cooler Motor Won’t Start

    Evaporative coolers work best in arid conditions, and are eco-friendly options for budget conscious people. These units produce a horrible smell because of their nickname “swamp cooler” which comes from the lack of cleaning done on them over time; if your unit isn’t working properly then see these five things first..

    Troubleshooting Your Evaporative Cooler

    Regular service and maintenance will keep your cooler working well for a long time, but as with any electrical appliance, parts wear out and stop working. Usually, at the least convenient time. Fortunately, these coolers don’t have a complex system. They are reliable. Knowing how to troubleshoot your evaporative cooler can help get your home, or business back to normal quicker. Here are a few things to check, when the unit doesn’t turn on.

    Check the Fuses and Power

    Sometimes, the most common reason for an evaporative cooler to not start is due to a blown fuse. Other times, you may have accidentally pulled out your own breaker by accident, when reaching into undercounter spaces or inside cabinets with too much junk on them! If this happens frequently without any other clues being found and nothing else seems like it could be causing these problems then consult with someone who knows what they are doing about all sorts of electronic gadgets – especially if resetting/ Reloaded fuses becomes routine maintenance in order resolve any electrical issues beforehand before more serious damage can occur over time.

    Check the Thermostat

    Your evaporative cooler has a built-in thermostat that regulates the room’s temperature. It works much like your home’s thermostat. You set the temperature and when the temperature of the room matches the thermostat, the cooler shuts off. When the temperature goes up, the cooler comes back on. If the thermostat is set too high, the unit won’t turn on. When the thermostat is faulty, the cooler doesn’t know when to turn itself on. Replacing the thermostat can be simple or complicated, depending on the model. Call a professional if you’re not sure that you’re up to the task of replacing it.

    Check the Wiring

    If the fuses and power aren’t an issue, the issue might be a little more complex. The next thing you can check is the wires that go to the breaker and fuse. These wires should be in good condition. If the wires appear black or discolored, or seem stiff and inflexible, you will probably need to replace the breaker. A technician can help you determine whether you can use the same wires or not. It depends on how badly they are damaged.

    Check the Fan Motor and Belt

    If you still haven’t found the problem, it could be the internal components of your cooler. The belt connects the fan and the motor. If it breaks or comes off, the fan doesn’t run. You may hear the motor running, but the unit isn’t producing any air, because the fan won’t turn. It’s easy to get a replacement fan belt, but you do need to check to see why it stopped. If it got soiled or broke, replacing it should get your unit going again. If it slipped off, you may want to ask a professional to take a look at the motor..

    When a fan’s motor fails, it can be very dangerous. The first step would be to turn on the device and see if anything happens with your light or other functions such as blowing air out of an opening at eye level like in a ventilated ceiling type setting; this may not work because all power will have been cut off from that point, after removing plug/socket connection. You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any burned wires by feeling around inside component housing.

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