Willow, Disney’s Sequel Series to ’80s Movie, Gets Epic Trailer


As the Nelwyns joyously cried 34 years ago, “Willow’s back! Willow! Willow!”

Disney’s Lucasfilm finally did it. They made a sequel to Ron Howard‘s cult 1988 fantasy film, bringing back Warwick Davis, now 52, as the now-sorcerer Willow Ufgood in a Disney+ series, whose first teaser trailer and images were released May 26 online and at the Lucasfilm studio showcase panel at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, Calif.

And speaking of shedding all the tears, the video begins with a slowed down version of late composer James Horner‘s iconic Willow movie theme and shows our hero, now older and known as the savior of royal baby Elora Danan, being recruited for a new adventure. 

The new Willow series takes place 20 years after the movie. Ruby Cruz, previously seen on HBO’s Mare of Easttown, plays Kit, a warrior princess assembling a group to rescue her kidnapped brother. In the trailer, she approaches Willow and tells him, “The world needs you again. It needs your magic.”


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