Will Below Deck Med’s Malia White Be on Season 7? She Says…


Ironically, Hannah—a Sydney, Australia native—exclusively told E! News in March that she was the reason Captain Jason decided to join the show in the first place. In the same interview, she weighed in on her firing and the role Malia and Capt. Sandy played in it. 

“Saying, ‘You have drugs on board. Are you going to flush your drugs?’ blah, blah,” Hannah recalled, “I was like, ‘Why would I flush my medication down the toilet?’ You shouldn’t put that stigma where prescription medications for mental illness and recreational drugs are treated in the same way.” 

Looking back, she said that she’s more upset with Capt. Sandy than Malia. “I feel like we’d even been in many situations where she would have liked to see the same result,” Hannah said of Sandy, “but it couldn’t happen. So I feel like with her, it was very much like, ‘Yes, now I’ve got something!'”

Added the Bravo alum, “It just felt like there was so much behind-the-scenes stuff with Sandy that nobody ever saw.”


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