What is Baker Mayfield’s current market value?


According to a recent report, the Cleveland Browns are willing to “sweeten the pot” in a trade package to facilitate a deal for Baker Mayfield.

After Mayfield didn’t attend voluntary OTAs, Albert Breer of the Monday Morning Quarterback reported that the Browns are willing to give up more to drop the disgruntled former No. 1 pick.

Browns offer to ‘sweeten the pot’ on Baker Mayfield trade I THE HERD

Amid reports that the Cleveland Browns are looking to sweeten the deal for a Baker Mayfield trade, Colin Cowherd looks at all 32 NFL teams and tries to narrow the market for the Cleveland quarterback.

Colin Cowherd has a pretty strong opinion on the topic, stating that even by “sweetening the pot,” there isn’t much of a market for the Browns’ quarterback.

“The question to me on this is Baker Mayfield above the shoulders. Does he view himself as a franchise guy, or a bridge guy?” Cowherd said. “He views himself as a franchise guy. See, you can’t bring him in to compete for the job. That’s not who he is. He views himself as a former No. 1 pick, a guy that won in Cleveland. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, and that’s good. But he doesn’t view himself as a bridge guy.”

Cowherd is concerned that there are only three teams where Mayfield might fit: The New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, and the Carolina Panthers

The obstacle there points back to Cowherd’s original statement. In all three of those situations, Mayfield would have to compete for a starting spot. In Carolina, there’d be Sam Darnold to compete against. In New York, there’s Daniel Jones, and in New Orleans, it would be between him and Jameis Winston for the starting spot.

“I never understand all the fanboys out there trying to defend the Johnny Manziels and the Bakers,” Cowherd said. “You do get that if the first team doesn’t go right, you’re going to struggle in this league to get a second job because you’re too big of a personality to be a backup.”

Marcellus Wiley shared a similar opinion to Cowherd on the topic.

“He’s broadcasting the signal to every other team out there, his future employers, that he still doesn’t get it,” Wiley said. “This is the moment you show up in class no matter how smart you are and give the teacher an apple. 

“You can’t be the guy in this league that was the No. 1 pick with a chip on your shoulder. It was fine then, but now it’s been flipped into arrogance and a lack of self-awareness. He needs a life coach.”

It all seems to come back to Mayfield’s mentality. The NFL is an ever-changing league where many quarterbacks have learned that if you continue hanging onto past accomplishments or setbacks, you’ll be left behind. 

While Mayfield is undoubtedly one of the top-25 quarterbacks in the league, even with the Browns “sweetening the pot,” he could still be in a less-than opportune situation this season. 

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