Website Review Wz Ranked .com What’s WzRanked .com?

It’s a website that has been created by a gaming fan named Sunday December7. The website ranks United States players based on their sport wins, kills, abilities, and other criteria. There is something suspicious about it. WZ RANKED has been enrolled since 17th December 2020. Thus, it has reached three months old and gained a reputation among gamers.


How to enroll on the platform?


It is important to know that this website is for your CALL OF DUTY game before enrolling. You might not be able to use the Wz Ranked .com website if you enroll in any other game. In any case, it’s an unauthorized site that was designed by a lover – SUNDAYDECEMBER7. The only thing you need to do is register your CALL OF DUTY username to start ranking on the website.


In order to track your gameplays, the site asks for your Xbox, PlayStation,, or gaming username. You are usually ranked based on your wins, losses, kills, and other documents.


The Website Requires the following from you to be eligible:


Playing games is a good idea.


If there is a gap of seven days, your documents will be lost.


Each season, you should play 66 matches.


Top 50 Leaderboard:


There are four classes on the leaderboard: Kills Records, Gulag Win Ratio, K/D Ratio, and Win Ratio. You can check out the names of top players on the website:


Win Ratio:


Devious: Rank 2


Sleeper: Rank 3


K/D Ratio:


Ranking 3: Brryaaan


The Gulag’s win ratio is:


Grade 1: MYA


Ranking 2: InfaCD

Ranking 3: AydaN


Kills Record:


1st Rank: Rocket


Ranking 2: YT Dr3w


Ranking 3: Focused


Final thoughts:


There is no risk to browsing the Website because it has an advanced game monitoring program. Your rating will be based on the number of games you play, your wins, your win percentage, and your kills. Will you check it out? Let us know what you think!

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