These 9 Nail Colour Trends Will Be the Most Popular in 2022


I don’t know about you, but I never get nail fatigue. In fact, as much as I love buying new makeup, switching up my skincare routine or trying something different with my hair, shifting my nail MO reigns supreme. Painting my nails has become my happy place, and while I absolutely love the boost a shiny new colour gives my mood and confidence, the actual process of painting my nails—or even going to the salon—is one of my favourite ways to wind down and turn the world off for a second. You know what I mean?

I don’t typically buy into trends when it comes to my mani of choice (I’ll paint my nails any hue I damn well please, thank you very much), but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in finding out which nail colours will pop more than others in 2022. (I love some inspiration, after all.) To get some intel, I reached out to two top nail pros for their predictions on which nail colours will eclipse all others this year. Below, find nine popular nail colours for 2022 to consider for your next paint job. Keep scrolling! 


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