These 4 Shoes Styles Go With Everything I Own


The idea of capsule collections and wardrobe basics have been at the forefront of our mind over the last few months. It has been a process of calling into question how we shop and why we buy the things we do in order to reconcile our love of style with concerns for sustainability.

One of the main ways we have been doing this is by taking a serious look at the pieces that work the hardest in our wardrobes. While I am notorious for being a jacket hoarder, for some reason, I’ve never really caught the shoe bug (I’ll leave that to Who What Wear Editor in Chief Hannah Almassi), and this has meant that my specifications have been primarily practical. I’ve always needed every pair to be all of the following: comfortable, low-maintenance, versatile and, of course, stylish.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, this isn’t always an easy criterion to fulfil, but over the years, I’ve whittled my edit down a handful of winning pairs that I turn to day in and day out for every occasion. So forget transient trends and fashion fads—here are my four failsafe shoe styles that have passed the test and made it onto my must-have lineup.


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