The “Ugly” Trends That Celebs Are Trying to Make a Thing


Love it or hate it, celebrities continue to hold an immense influence over fashion. Before a trend becomes popular, you’ll usually find it being worn by a star, and the masses will think it’s ugly at first. I know that sounds ridiculous, but hear me out on this. The celeb set’s ’00s uniform (a trucker hat, a velour tracksuit, Ugg boots, and rimless sunglasses) was deemed “ugly,” but it’s now the defining look of the era. The R&B and hip-hop icons of the ’90s would be called “ghetto” for wearing a tiny crop top, low-rise baggy pants, and oversize hoop earrings, but now, the ensemble has become a go-to night-out look for women of all backgrounds. And let us not forget how there has always been an uproar throughout history about how clothing (e.g., the miniskirt, shoulder pads, leggings, and even suits) challenges the norms of what’s “acceptable” for women to wear in public. Fashion and any rising trends have always been a large indicator of where the culture is at, and it often pushes, or drags, the culture forward whether we like it or not. 

So what trends could we say are worth watching right now? Ahead, I’ve done some digging through recent celebrity street style imagery to identify seven “ugly” trends that are continuing to bubble up. Whether they’ll end up defining this era or whether you’ll even wear them yourself is undecided yet. But if history tells us anything, these celeb-approved trends are bound to be seared into our collective memories and cause a stir in the process.


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