The Fate of The Good Fight Revealed


The Good Fight is coming to an end.

Co-showrunners Robert and Michelle King confirmed that season six will be the show’s last. “We’ve loved fighting The Good Fight these last six seasons,” the couple said in a joint statement on May 27. “To be able to tell stories about an upside-down world in real time has been a gift. And to have worked with these talented, brilliant, generous actors, writers and crew has been a blessing. Our hope-slash-scheme is to find ways to work with all of them again in the future.”

Ultimately, it was the couple’s decision to end the story with season six, which premieres Sept. 8 on Paramount+. Michelle told The Hollywood Reporter that they worried the show “become repetitive” if they tried to continue telling the story of Diane (Christine Baranski). 

Allthough Robert and Michelle are still planning out the episodes for season six, they stated they don’t anticipate an appearance from Julianna Marguiles, who starred in the prequel series, The Good Wife. As Robert told Deadline, “There’s one thing we should say, never say never but I don’t think so.”


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