The Best Glossier Products to Wear, According to Celebrities


If you think it would be enough for me to basically eat, sleep, and breathe all things beauty, you’d be wrong. What do I do in my spare time? Stalk celebs. What, specifically, do I figure out about them? Their exact product-by-product beauty routines. So not only do I spend every waking second of my career steeped in beauty, but I also like to inhale celeb-approved products off duty as well. Does anyone else fall asleep to Vogue‘s Beauty Secrets series? Just me? 

I can already tell I’m in a rambling mood today, so I’ll get to the good stuff. After interviewing countless members of the A-list myself and watching and reading interviews celebs have done with other publications, it’s become abundantly clear that there’s something consistently in the water when it comes to celeb-approved beauty staples, and it starts with a G and ends in an l-o-s-s-i-e-r. Yep! Celebrities are just like us and are equally infatuated with all things Glossier. In fact, to prove my point further, I reached out to Glossier HQ to get an official list of some of our fave famous names who share our love for some of Glossier’s most iconic products. Keep scrolling, and grab your wallet—you’re going to want to add each and every one of these products to your shopping cart ASAP. 


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