Reviewed: The 17 Best Sol de Janeiro Products to Buy


Of course, Sol de Janeiro’s best-selling Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream ($48) was iconic in its own right BTT, but the brand and its slew of wonderfully scented, super-effective products have gained popularity and buzz at warp speed since accruing more and more attention on sites like TikTok. In fact, phrases like “best sol de janeiro products” and “sol de janeiro review” have reached fever-pitch search numbers on Google. So here I am, happy to oblige and give the people what they want! While I’ve been slathering on the Brazilian-inspired line of gourmand-centric products since the brand’s inception back in 2015, I realize some people might want some helpful direction in terms of which products to try first. Below are 17 of my all-time favorite Sol de Janeiro products, ranked and sorted by category. Yes, even though the brand started out as strictly bodycare, it has branched out into haircare and fragrance and constantly blesses us with new launches. Keep scrolling! 


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