Reviewed: 19 Drunk Elephant Products Worth Your Money 2022


Name a skincare brand, and I can guarantee that I’ve tried a few products from their line. It’s my job to try all of the latest and greatest skincare, after all. For most brands, I have one or two mainstays that I love and keep around. It’s rare that I like more than a few skincare products from any given brand, but there are a few notable exceptions.

Drunk Elephant, the endlessly Instagrammable skincare brand focused on biocompatible ingredients, is one of those brands from which I love nearly every product. The brand makes it a point to not focus on whether an ingredient is synthetic or natural, but rather looks at which ingredients will make the highest impact on your skin. The result is skincare that really works, sans ingredients that may cause irritation like essential oils, alcohols, or added fragrances.

My fellow associate beauty editor Shawna Hudson and I both back Drunk Elephant products. After an extremely animated slack conversation, I knew our thoughts were too good not to share—so keep reading to find out which Drunk Elephant products we get truly excited about and why we love them so much. 


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