Minnie Driver Recalls Director Asking Her to Fake Orgasm in Audition


Driver had spoken about the experience before, calling it her worst audition in an interview with Backstage in 2018.

“I would categorically put this in some version of the #MeToo world I grew up in,” she said. “The audition was for a chocolate bar commercial. These ad guys never show up to an audition (it’s usually just a casting director), but I went in, and there were 10 guys with their jackets off, one female casting director, a stool, and broken-up bits of candy. The premise of the ad was the orgasm scene of When Harry Met Sally, and basically she was supposed to take one bite of the chocolate and have an orgasm.”

Driver continued, “I f–king did it. I knew it was wrong, and I still did it. I was embarrassed and mortified, and I didn’t understand it until years later. That feeling didn’t leave me for a long time. And to this day, I wish someone in that room had stood up and said, ‘This is outrageous,’ because these guys were getting their jollies off, watching woman after woman pretend to have an orgasm. I don’t think it would happen today, thank goodness, which is some kind of progress.”


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