Margaret Qualley Got Engaged With a Timeless, Delicate Ring


This just in: One of the entertainment world’s most adorable, cool, and talented couples, Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff just got engaged. If you don’t yet know how cool and talented they are, watch Qualley in Netflix’s Maid and Antonoff’s recent SNL appearance with his band Bleachers. (Fun fact: Qualley was nominated for multiple awards for her performance in Maid and Antonoff won 2022’s Grammy Award for producer of the year.) The pair is thought to have started dating in 2021, and they just confirmed their engagement on Instagram.

So about the ring… Qualley actually debuted it on the red carpet at Cannes last week, promoting her upcoming film Stars at Noon, but just made it Instagram official today. The beautiful, delicate ring has a vintage quality that perfectly suits Qualley, who has a classic-retro aesthetic and is a Chanel brand ambassador. It’s a round-cut ring that seems to be white gold or platinum, and the delicate setting gives it an heirloom quality. We can’t wait to see which Chanel wedding dress Qualley wears.

Scroll to see the happy couple and Qualley’s timeless engagement ring.


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