Erika Jayne Drops Bombshell Claim About Tom Girardi’s Legal Woes


Asks Kyle, “You’re saying that we don’t know for a fact that these people weren’t paid, these victims?”

“That’s right,” Erika replies. “Exactly right.”

An equally confused Dorit then adds, “You mean there’s a chance they could be lying?” to which Erika says, “There’s a chance.” 

Erika continues, “We still don’t have all the facts, that’s what I keep saying. This isn’t wrapped up. It doesn’t matter what someone claims.”

Garcelle, for her part, isn’t buying it. As she vents in a confessional, “These victims are regular people, why would they be coming after Tom? Why would all these lawsuits come about if they were paid? They would just go live their lives.”  


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