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What is a Meteorologist and what does he or she do? A meteorologist is an expert in predicting the weather and climate of a place.

Every news station has them using a physical map on their desktop in the place where they spot the weather, heavy rainfall, or a storm of a particular region or place. Take a look at Danielle Breezy, the chief meteorologist at WKRN News 2. She is one of the most renowned meteorologists of the United States.

Who’s Danielle Breezy?

Danielle Breezy is a reputable meteorologist at WKRN News 2 and employed as a chief meteorologist. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Broadcast for the American Meteorological Society.

She was listed in the Nashville Business Journal in 2020


Danielle Breezy was born on 16th July in Philadelphia; the year of her birth is unknown, and her citizenship is American. A regional meteorologist visited her college for a weather discussion, and from then on she was determined to become a meteorologist.

Danielle Breezy’s website. Let’s take a closer look at Danielle Breezy’s educational background.


Danielle Breezy did her first college studies in Philadelphia; she studied atmospheric science at Cornell University; she also studied in a variety of places such as Oklahoma City, Boston, Dallas, and Salisbury before settling down in Nashville. She also holds the certification of Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM).

Personal life:

Danielle Breezy is generally a personal Person; no information is available about her parents or siblings. However, she married Joe Breezy, a radio anchor of Midday Hot 106.7, on 24th June 2016, and is blessed with a beautiful daughter, Lucy.

Moreover, let’s turn to Danielle Breezy’s net worth, income, or wealth in Danielle Breezy’s Website.

Her projected net worth as a meteorologist is between $45000 – $110,500.

Active Social employee:

She is a passionate social worker despite being a private person. She is a spokesperson for the Nashville St Jude Dream Home Campaign. The American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, and the Nashville Humane Association are also involved. Makes frequent stops at colleges and encourages children to study math and science.

Check out Danielle Breezy’s website to learn more about reputed meteorologist Danielle Breezy, who is often seen posting on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

· Facebook — 62k followers.

· Instagram — 24k followers.

Danielle Breezy is a Meteorologist, a Social Worker, as well as an Emmy nominee. In other words, she’s tried her hand at all kinds of fields. Let’s bring a private individual. She’s going to catch all sorts of people with her abilities and solutions. Check out Danielle Breezy’s website for more information.

Danielle Breezy’s eighth grade teacher inspired her to be a meteorologist, and she focused on her passion, ultimately becoming the chief meteorologist at WKRN News 2. She is an active social worker who serves the community as well as a renowned meteorologist.

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