Colleges award tenure


Anna Maria College

  • Darrell Matsumoto, art and design
  • Matt Waldschlagel, philosophy

Carleton College

  • Rika E. Anderson, biology
  • Rebecca Brückmann, history
  • Wes Markofski, sociology
  • Robert Thompson, mathematics

Ithaca College

  • Jack Bryant, media arts, sciences and studies

Middlebury College

  • Sayaka Abe, Japanese studies
  • Amanda Crocker, neuroscience
  • Ellery Foutch, American studies
  • Amanda Gregg, economics
  • Khuram Hussain, education studies

New Mexico Tech

  • Taffeta Elliott, psychology program
  • Gilberto Gonzalez-Parra, mathematics
  • Chelsey Hargather, materials and metallurgical engineering
  • Mostafa Hassanalian, mechanical engineering
  • Haoying Wang, business and technology management
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