A guide for new pet owners

Bringing home a new pet is fun and exciting. However, your new pet also comes with its fair share of new challenges and responsibilities. Fortunately, you can do a lot to make your pet’s transition into your home as smooth as possible. With just a bit of thoughtful planning and research, you can provide your pet with a loving and caring home they will thrive in.

Be Sure to Do Your Research

The reality is that many cats and dogs end up in the shelter because their new owners did not do their research before bringing them home. Many people impulsively purchase a pet without researching the amount of time, care, and effort they will need to put into their pet to ensure they grow up happy and well-adjusted. This is particularly true for dogs, as all dog breeds are unique and come with their own unique needs and concerns. Before bringing any pet into your home, be sure to do your research and be honest with yourself about whether you’ll have what it takes to care for them.

Find a Great Local Veterinary Clinic

No matter the species, all pets will need routine veterinary care. Inevitably, there will also be times when your pet gets sick and will need prompt medical attention to treat them. Research your local veterinary clinics and read the reviews to help you determine the best facility to care for your pet. If you’re unable to make the drive to a veterinary clinic, a mobile pet care center may be your best option for routine exams, vaccinations, urgent care services, and professional advice. Mobile pet clinics make it easy and convenient for you to get your pet the help they need when they need it most.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Before bringing your pet home, get everything you need to keep them fed and sheltered for the first few days. Try to resist purchasing expensive bedding, toys, and other accessories right away. You will need to get to know your pet and become more familiar with their preferences and needs before you start purchasing non-essential items. If you’re bringing home a new puppy, don’t waste your time buying an expensive bed, as they will likely start teething soon and may chew through it within just a few days of arrival. Make sure you have food, shelter, a collar, a leash, and whatever other items your pet might need.

Begin the Socialization Process Early

While not necessarily true for other species, puppies should begin the socialization process early in order to avoid problematic behaviors later in life. Because your new pet will not yet have all of its vaccinations, it is important to socialize them in a safe and controlled manner. Only allow them to visit with other well-socialized dogs that are fully vaccinated until they have received all of their shots. Have your friends visit during the first few weeks in order to get your pet used to positively interacting with people other than yourself.

Stick to a Schedule

When you have a puppy or a kitten at home, it is important to try to stick to a routine. Pets thrive off of routine as it allows them to safely predict the course of their day. Try to wake them up and feed them around the same time every day, even on weekends. If you’ve brought home a puppy, they will need an ample amount of sleep, so reinforce nap times consistently. A crate is a perfect way to enforce naps throughout the day and is also very helpful when it comes to potty training.

Although the first few weeks at home can be very stressful with your new pet, it’s important to remain patient and remember that things will get better. Within a few weeks, your new pet will become confident in its new surroundings, and you will become more accustomed to your new routine too. With just a bit of time and patience, you’ll be well on your way to a lifetime of love with your new pet.

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