9 Cute Shorts Outfits Fashion People Are Wearing


As someone who’s from the South and has actually returned to the South in semi-recent years., I think I’m well-equipped to speak on the subject of shorts, the #1 summer wardrobe essential in the hot and humid South. Sure, I could just wear denim shorts and a T-shirt every day, but I’ve seen so many interesting outfit ideas lately that involve shorts, I’m inclined to try just a little harder.

Of the nine outfits I selected (below), only three feature denim shorts. The rest run the gamut from bike shorts to paperbag shorts to lounge shorts. All of these outfits are simple, comfortable, and casual, because that’s what I believe shorts outfits should be, and they’re all fresh and on-trend (or trend-free) this season. And since summer doesn’t even technically begin for another month, we all have plenty of time to give them a try.

Scroll for nine non-dated outfit ideas to copy, and to shop the shorts you need to make them happen.


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