6 Toxic Relationship Habits to Know about and avoid

While dating is nothing new, time has changed the dynamics tremendously, causing toxicity in the process. Some of this toxic nature of relationships occurs due to technology, and changing cultures. However, certain toxic practices and habits in relationships could be deal-breakers.

While seeking mature ladies, or exotic babes like mail-order brides from Ukraine, be warned about several things. For starters, showing off is frowned upon, meaning wealth is your business. Do not begin a relationship with too many demands. This is true in a relationship with women from Ukraine or other Slavic babes.

Toxicity in relationships

Toxicity builds up gradually, and before couples know it, the relationship is doomed. These toxic habits may not always be blamable, but someone should acknowledge them and annihilate them. Let’s examine a few toxic habits and better ways to manage them.


If you have a partner who acts a certain way, dresses a certain way, or talks in a manner you are not used to, confront them. Do not talk to them like you are better than them, or as if their backgrounds ruined them. It is one thing to hear some backlash from strangers and quite another to receive it from a partner. If something bothers you, bring it up for discussion and see if your partner understands why it bothers you. This is safer for the relationship in the long run.

One-Sided Convos

When you have discussions, avoid engaging in monologues. Listen to your partner and their arguments or opinions. Talking and not listening implies their opinions don’t count. In relationships, this is a sign of a doomed union. It becomes difficult to build rapport if you never listen. Your partner will find someone else to listen to them, and there ends your relationship.

Negative Family Talk

It happens often that one partner doesn’t vibe well with the other partner’s family. While you don’t have to agree with everything from the other family, calling out your partner’s family is ill-advised. For instance, she might have a brother with alcoholism or a sister who parties too much. That is their business, and unless she seeks advice from you, do not offer it.

No Quality Time

Assuming she is okay and spending countless hours with the boys is detrimental to any relationship. The same applies to ladies spending too much time with their gals. A partner receiving less quality time will never feel special, regardless of sweet words in between. Make time for your partner as often as possible.


Being intimate with other folks is a red flag for any partner. This doesn’t simply imply kissing, hugging, or sleeping around. Talking on the phone about private matters and flirting with cashiers consistently is infuriating. Also, ogling men and then laughing as your partner sits next to you is degrading. It also shows you don’t care about their feelings.


Using technology while you should be spending time together is annoying too. When you finally meet those Ukraine girls, put the phone away, or on silent mode until the date is over. This is because nothing shows disregard for someone else’s time than using the phone while on a date.

Bottom Line

Meet those fine women today using fancy dating sites with ease, and at a low cost. However, pay attention to toxic relationship habits leading to early breakups. Some toxic habits are evident at the beginning of a union. Noticing them before the relationship matures reduces hurdles encountered while trying to reconcile differences. Enjoy the best union with ladies from Ukraine possible.

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