46 Beach Wedding Guest Dresses I’d Recommend to My BFF


Let me set the scene for you: At any given moment, an editor’s phone, Slack, or DMs will light up with a little notification. Questions about which trends are worth adopting for the summer, if buying from the newest rising brand is worth it, and general style inquiries are typically what’s poppin’ off in terms of conversations. While being your friends and family’s fashion confidante may seem like a lot, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to enjoying advising my friends about what to add to their shopping list or how to pack for a trip. For better or worse, I’ve trained the people in my circle to think of me as their personal stylist. So it was only natural that when my best friend, Cassidy, was invited to attend a beach wedding in Mexico, she FaceTimed me immediately to plan the looks. 

Over the span of four weeks, I sent Cassidy recommendations and styling tips and shopped with her on FaceTime while she scoured through Zara, looking for the best pieces to complete her vacation looks. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend on call, but as an editor, I know there are tons of women who need inspiration for packing for a destination wedding. In that vein, I’ve broken down the looks Cassidy and I created together, followed by a roundup of the best beach wedding guest dresses to shop for your upcoming event. The key to being the best-dressed guest at the ceremony lies ahead.


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