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I can’t tell you the last time I was on island time, sipping cocktails in the tropics surrounded by views so pretty they could be mistaken for a green screen. Based on those visuals, it’s obvious that I’m desperately craving a vacation. This winter, I caught myself daydreaming about booking a one-way ticket from New York to anywhere with a beach and palm trees more times than I would like to admit. And clearly, I’m not the only one. Vacation dressing has been trending hard on Instagram lately, with celebs, influencers, and my fellow editors leaning in. As an optimist and shopping enthusiast, I’m dutifully using fashion as my manifestation tool by planning endless vacation-ready looks. Do I have a trip booked right now? No. But if my friends are reading this, consider this your sign to drop some flight links in the group chat.

As of late, I’ve had my eye on all things floral, maxi, and colorful, and Guess’s spring collection has all of the above and more. The pieces are light and airy, easy to style, and feel 100% vacation-ready. I’m already envisioning myself arriving at the resort with a bag (or two) filled with all of these shoes, accessories, and clothing items. Luckily, this coping mechanism benefits us all. I spent some time deep-diving into the Guess site and curating three full looks for your next trip. Even if you’re not jet-setting anywhere soon, these looks are perfect for brunch, boat days, happy hours, and (quite literally) every other event under the sun. If you think you’ll be able to contain your excitement and scroll through all of these chic finds, the ultimate warm-weather looks are ahead.


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