16 Cute and Comfortable Summer Pieces


I’m the kind of person who goes hard for the pieces I love. I will send links, screenshots, voice memos, or videos of the products on my wish list to everyone I know without hesitation. My friends and family sometimes get a combination of all four when the item arrives and I inevitably fall in love all over again. Now that summer is only about a month away, I’ve been scrolling nonstop for my must-have pieces, and keeping them from you just doesn’t feel right. So I’m sharing all of my top picks from Alo Yoga below. This brand has a variety of items to fit almost every summer lifestyle, whether that includes roaming around the city, taking fitness classes, or traveling from coast to coast. The pieces are bold, comfortable, and most importantly, stylish. They truly give me that summer feeling, so I narrowed down my list to 16 products and categorized them by color for you. If you’re ready to see what I’ll be wearing on repeat in the coming months, just keep scrolling.


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