11 2000s-Inspired Outfits That Define Y2K Summer Fashion


Whether you’re spotting it on celebrity Instagram feeds or Fashion Month runways2000s fashion is, without a doubt, taking over the 2022 zeitgeist. And with summer approaching—a season that practically promotes wearing nothing but Y2K-inspired micro miniskirts, scarf tops, and tube dresses—the era’s influence on modern-day fashion isn’t going away anytime soon. 

To help keep you on top of arguably the biggest macro trend of the summer and importantly, also avoid going too far into the early aughts (the 2000s weren’t without fashion faux pas, after all), we went ahead and found 11 outfits for summer that toe the line between 2003 and 2022 (in a good way). Keep on scrolling to check out our 2000s meets 2022 dressing guide for summer.


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